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Osías Yanov, Anatole Saderman & Biyina Klappenbach
Opening: August 23, 7 pm
Av. Córdoba 5222, Buenos Aires

Avance Rápido (Fast Forward) sets up a dialogue between two actions of recuperation. One is the recovery/discovery of Biyina Klappenbach (1904-1994), an almost completely forgotten and unknown multi-disciplinary woman artist who was a pioneer of Modern dance in Argentina in the 1930s as well as a visual artist. The providential finding of a portfolio of photographs taken by iconic Modernist photographer Anatole Saderman (1904-1993) in the late thirties has allowed us the only existing glimpse into her work. More than 60 contact prints made directly from negatives, and some larger vintage prints were found by Alfredo Srur, an 'archaeologist' of early photography, while searching for other material. In The Art of Argentineans, published in 1939, art historian Jose Luis Pagano describes Biyina as someone 'exceptional in our milieu' because of 'the quality of her intelligence and her ability as an organizer' and as 'a living example of the unity of all the arts' (in reference to music, poetry, visual and movement arts). Given her comprehensive approach to live art making, Biyina could be considered a precursor in Argentina of what many decades later would be called performance art.

Fast forward, Osias Yanov (b.1980). Regarded today as one of the seminal figures of contemporary performance art in Argentina, his first individual piece —after participating ten years in the art collective Rosa Chancho—, was Dinámica de encaje (Dynamics of Insertion), presented briefly in 2012 in the context of an artist-run gallery. It was then dismantled and never shown again. It was crucial in the development of Yanov's work as it was the first in a series where the movements of performers responded to sculptural objects, in this case within a dreamlike atmosphere reminiscent of S&M practices. Many of his subsequent pieces continued this articulation of movement and sculpture, including those now in the collections of the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA), and the Reina Sofia Art Center in Madrid. Dinámica de Encaje was also an early signal of an upsurge in performance art that developed a couple of years later in Buenos Aires with the establishment of the Performance Biennial in 2015 and the subsequent proliferation of performance-based works in galleries and museums.

In Osias' work performance is employed to explore the possibility of body experiences as a tool of alternate knowledge and to pose questions about gender. Could we suppose that Biyina, single-handedly producing and presenting all aspects of her avant-garde works in the prejudiced Buenos Aires of the 1930s, was also using her body to defy -at least in practice- the prevalent notions about the role of women in her time and place?

Galería Nora Fisch at arteBA, Buenos Aires

Galería Nora Fisch en arteBA, Buenos Aires

Stand | Booth D9

Alberto Goldenstein • Alfredo Londaibere • Amadeo Azar • Juan Becú • Julián Terán • Osías Yanov • Sofia Bohtlingk • Tiziana Pierri.


Trastienda | Backroom
Claudia Fontes, Elba Bairon, Raúl Flores, Claudia del Río, Cynthia Kampelmacher, Emiliano Miliyo, Martín Blasko & otros.


Cabinet: Fernanda Laguna


Cardinal Sites: Juan Tessi

Stand CS3, en colaboración con LTD Los Angeles

Yungas > MALBA

Named after Northern Argentina's temperate, forested area of the Andes slopes–, Yungas Arte Contemporáneo is a platform offering an alternative approach in contemporary art education, production, and thinking for visual artists as well as for working cultural administrators in various provinces of Argentina.
Promoting dialogue and experimentation, it is a bid to de-centralize art and culture in the country. This exhibition of a group of participating artists has been curated by co-founder of Yungas, Raúl Flores, an artist prominent in the new photography which emerged in Argentina in the 1990s. At the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA), opens April 5th.

Claudia del Río, Julián Terán , Fernanda Laguna, Alfredo Londaibere > Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires.

Works by Claudia del Río, Julián Terán, Fernanda Laguna and Alfredo Londaibere are exhibited in the context of A History of Imagination in Argentina. Visions from the Pampas, Altiplano and Littoral, exploring the surreal and metaphysical representations of Argentina's environment in the works of different generations of artists, selected from collections throughout the country. Curated by Javier Villa, at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, opens April 6th.

Image: Julián Terán, Espinazo, C-Print, 120 x 79 cm, 2005.

Adriana Bustos at Sharjah Biennial 14: Leaving the Echo Chamber-Journey Beyond the Arrow. Curated by Zoe Butt.

Adriana Bustos at Sharjah Biennial 14: Leaving the Echo Chamber-Journey Beyond the Arrow.
Curated by Zoe Butt.

Adriana Bustos' work has an extensive presence in the section of the 14th Sharjah Biennial curated by Zoe Butt, entitled Journey Beyond the Arrow, which opens today. Bustos is showing several installations of works on paper as well as other pieces in which she conducts a systematic exploration of archives of images which condense meanings related to post-colonialism, migration, traffic of goods and people. Drawing has a central role in her approach to these images as a re-investment and transmutation of energy.

Adriana Bustos is a Buenos Aires-based artist, she has previously participated in Site Santa Fe (2014), the XII Istanbul Biennial, Global Sur Biennial (2017) and has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla and León (2017) and F. Klemm Foundation, Buenos Aires (2018).

For more information, please visit the Sharjah Biennial's website

Alfredo Londaibere's Solo Show at Nora Fisch Gallery

We are happy to anounce the opening of the gallery’s second solo exhibition of Alfredo Londaibere (1955-2017). Londaibere was a central figure in the scene that developed around the Centro Cultural Rojas in Buenos Aires during the nineties, a pivotal moment in the history of vernacular contemporary art. Freeing themselves from oppresive political circumstances of previous decades as well as from intellectual, artistic or gender-based imposed norms, the artists gathered around El Rojas relied on playful experimentation, color, humble materials and a free-spirited aesthetic. An accomplished and sensuous painter, Londaibere was also curator of this art space between 1997 and 2002.

Curator Jimena Ferreiro borrowed the title of this exhibition, Welcome, Sprigtime, from a 1991 group show held at the Rojas. In her curatorial essay she writes: This exhibition at Nora Fisch Gallery is heir to that network of affects. It is an hommage, yet it is much more a celebration of vitality, an exaltation of the boldness of color and shape; and naturally, it is also the aftermath of a party.

Alfredo Londaibere will be the subject of a retrospective exhibition later this year at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires (MAMBA).

Lux Lindner atSpirit Level Open Sessions 14, Drawing Center, Nueva York

Fernanda Laguna and Osías Yanov in Portadores de sentido—Contemporary Art from the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

This exhibition brings together 70 contemporary artists from 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean whose works were acquired by the CPPC between 1990 and 2015. Curated by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, now the Director of the Witte de With Contemporary Art Center in Rotterdam. It opened yesterday at Museo Amparo in Puebla, will be on view until to July 22, 2019


Nora Fisch Gallery at Zona MACO, México

Presenting two artists based in Buenos Aires who are essential for understanding the vibrant contemporary art scene of this city. Curated by Jose Esparza Chong Cuy. For more information see preview in English.

Tessi at Lisboa

Juan Tessi's First solo exhibition at Lisboa, To read Mariano Mayer's texts and see the pictures:


Summer | Plans | Artists

Congrats Amadeo Azar and Julián Terán (and news)

Lucia Harari's Monoambiente, solo show at Nora Fisch Presents

Claudia Fontes on Sao Paulo Biennal

Claudia Fontes in an enterview talking about the Sao Paulo Biennal


Claudia Fontes on The Financial Times

Claudia Fontes explains, meanwhile, that her point of departure “was to think about the possibilities of existence of a slow bird, an ambiguous fictional creature, almost an oxymoron in itself, that could be interpreted in different ways by each artist.” Certainly, her selection prompts the viewer to slow down and take stock in a tumultuous world. One example is Ben Rivers’ film You Can’t Imagine Nothing (2018), which focuses on a sloth lolling in shrubbery.

The artist’s gaze is different from the curator’s, and not always easily understood

Fontes’ artists, she says, “are accessible at a direct, perceptual level, before intellectual understanding interferes in their appreciation.” This chimes with Pérez-Barreiro’s wider ambitions for the Biennial, which is called Affective Affinities — a title rather than a guiding theme, he stresses. His ideas are informed by the writings of Mário Pedrosa, the 20th-century Brazilian art critic and political activist. Pedrosa, he explains, “articulated a profoundly humanist perspective through which to understand art”, a view that can be summed up as: ignore prevailing theories and refocus on the experience of savouring art.


Claudia Del Rio on Do It proyect

Claudia Del Rìo on Contraste simultáneo from OSDE Foundation

Lux Lindner at Drawing Center, New York, participating in Open Sessions Program

Tiziana Pierri awarded Central Bank Painting Prize

Zona Maco 2019, Mexico: Fernanda Laguna and Adriana Bustos

Adriana Bustos will participate in next Sharjah Biennial

Cynthia Kampelmnacher, Lux Lindner and Adriana Bustos selected for Trabucco Prize

Claudia Fontes and Elba Bairon > 33rd BIENAL DE SÃO PAULO - AFFECTIVE AFFINITIES

Fernanda Laguna in Take Me (I'm Yours), The French Academy in Rome, Villa Medici and at Campoli Presti Gallery, London

Fernanda Laguna is participating in the current edition of this exhibition curated by Christian Boltanski, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Chiara Parisi, first conceived in 1995 for Serpentine Gallery in London as a show where visitors could touch, take, taste, interact with artworks. This exhibition has since had several iterations at the Jewish Museum in New York, Bienal Sur in Buenos Aires and other institutions. Participating artists include Felix Gonzalez Torres, Lawrence Weiner, Danh Vo, Bruce Nauman, Tomas Sarraceno, Yoko Ono, Tino Sehgal, among other artists.

On June 27th, Fernanda Laguna is opening a solo show of paintings and videos entitled I want to be an international artist at Campoli Presti Gallery in London.

High in the Tide, an exhibition of documentation, memorabilia and group projects related to recent mass feminist movements in Argentina, co-organized by Laguna and writer/activist Cecilia Palmeiro, which was presented in 2017 at Nora Fisch Gallery in parallel to Laguna's solo show, has also travelled to London to be presented simultaneously

Lux Lindner Open Sessions, Drawing Center, New York

Lux Linder has been selected for Open Sessions, a two-year program run by The Drawing Center open to artists working in a variety of disciplines. Participating artists cooperatively organize most activities with the Open Sessions curators, Rosario Güiraldes and Lisa Sigal, including exhibitions and public programs. Open Sessions grapples with some of the most salient ideas concerning drawing and art now.

Azar, Laguna and Gurfein participate in exhibition at Art Center, University of La Plata

Fernanda Laguna, Amadeo Azar and Silvia Gurfein are participating in the exhibition Como una novela eterna which explores the fluid exchanges between written word and visual expression at the Art Center of the University of La Plata. Curator: Jimena Ferreiro.

Claudia del Rio presents Idealister, a solo exhibition at the Museum Genaro Pérez, Córdoba, Argentina

Claudia el Río is presenting a solo exhibition a the Museum Genaro Pérez, Córdoba, Argentina. Curated by Nancy Rojas the show, entitled Idealister, includes paintings, drawings, installations and videos and addresses an imaginary life of the Eyes.

Fernanda Laguna in Casa Tomada, the 2018 edition of the Site Santa Fe Biennial

Fernanda Laguna is participating in the current edition of the Site Santa Fe Biennial. Entitled Casa Tomada and curated by José Luis Blondet, Ruba Katrib and Candice Hopkins, the exhibition centers around a new perspective on contemporary art from the Americas.

Claudia Fontes and Elba Bairon at the 33rd São Paulo Biennial

The gallery is pleased to announce the participation of its represented artists Claudia Fontes and Elba Bairon in the 2018 edition of the São Paulo Biennial, Affective Affinities. Curator Gabriel Perez Barreiro has organized the biennial through an alternative ‘operating system’ that values the artists’ gaze on their own creative contexts and avoids a large thematic exhibition in favor of multiple curatorial experiences. Along with twelve individual projects, this edition includes group shows organized by seven artist-curators. Guided exclusively by the concept of ‘affective affinities’ and by the premise that their own artworks must also integrate their curatorial project, each of them has responded to Pérez-Barreiro’s invitation in their own individual way.

Claudia Fontes (Argentina/UK, 1964) is one of these artist-curators, showing her own work in the context of projects by other nine artists she has selected. Elba Bairon (La Paz, Bolivia, 1947, resides in Buenos Aires since 1967) has been invited to be in this exhibition, entitled O pássaro lento [The Slow Bird]. Its premise draws on a metanarrative: a fictional book of the same title whose contents are unknown, except for some fragments and a few material remains. The participating artworks activate links between the visual arts, literature and translation, through experiences that propose expanded temporality as an alternative to the modern fetish of speed. ‘The experience of speed and slowness are political experiences rooted in the body. They both influence understandings of space, distance, and chance. For over a century now, our species was trained from a young age to despise slowness and to desire speed. As a result, we are now all struggling when trying to imagine a different way of being with oneself and with each other’, affirms Fontes.

Osías Yanov exhibits at Gasworks, London

Gasworks presents Orphan Dance, the first UK solo exhibition and a major new commission by Buenos Aires-based artist Osías Yanov.

Developed on site during his residency at Gasworks, the exhibition transforms the gallery into a ritual space in which to reimagine the relationships between humans and machines. Using and re-contextualising materials and devices often found in homes, offices, gyms and nightclubs as ceremonial objects, it explores how human interactions with technology can be staged and enacted differently, in ways that emphasises and disrupt the binaries of master and slave, user and service provider, domination and submission.

Several robot vacuum cleaners are on patrol like sentinels, guiding and sucking their way around, providing a rhythm of utility and automation. During the opening and close of the exhibition, performers will enter the scene, accentuating human desire and agency while at the same time further short-circuiting functionality.

Sofía Bohtlingk participates in the inaugural exhibition of Proa 21

Proa Foundation in Buenos Aires has opened an annex devoted to contemporary art. Sofía Bohtlingk is one of the six artists invited to produce outdoor work in its backyard area, which has been deliberately maintained in a raw, state, as it was found. Bohtlingk's works, made with concrete and fragments of bricks merged with their surroundings, almost as a re-arrengemnt of the elements found in place.

ALBERTO GOLDENSTEIN The Matter Between the Edges. Photographs 1982-2018. MUSEUM of MODERN ART of BUENOS AIRES

The Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires is presenting the first retrospective exhibition of Alberto Goldenstein.

Goldenstein (b. Buenos Aires, 1951) is a key figure in the development of contemporary photography in Argentina. His approach to the photographic gaze based on the preeminence of experience over traditional visual cannons has been a great contribution to the renovation of the field of photography in this country since the early eighties. He regards photography as a personal, mobile and taciturn rite, where an intense poetic relationship with the world is established based on the encounters with the simplicity of things and trivial situations. Through his involvement as artist, teacher and curator at the now legendary Centro Cultural Rojas, Goldenstein's work and approach left a mark on younger generations of artists working in photography in Argentina.

En Rosario Remix


ELBA BAIRON en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires. Sin Título desde el 5 de octubre hasta febrero de 2018

Elba Bairon (born 1947, La Paz, Bolivia; lives and works in Buenos Aires since 1967) presents the installation Sin Título at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires. Opening Thursday October 5th, from 7 pm.

RSVP: info@museomoderno.org

Avenida San Juan 350, San Telmo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires

LUX LINDNER. El Regreso del Astrólogo. Casa de las Culturas en Tigre desde el 6 de octubre al 10 de diciembre de 2017

Claudia Fontes to be represented by the gallery

We are pleased to announce that Claudia Fontes, featured at Argentina's Pavilion in the 57th Venice Biennial, will be represented by the gallery.

Claudia Del Río at Rosario Remix, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rosario

Claudia del Río is exhibiting an installation of drawings in the context of this show, an homage to the Grupo Litoral, whose members were prominent Argentine painters in the 1940s. Curated by artist Marcelo Pombo.


Claudia Del Río en el Festival Brújula al Sur 2017 Cali, Colombia

Claudia del Río is presenting The Spheres: Blackboard Piece, an interactive performance based on drawing at the 2017 Brújula del Sur Festival in Cali, Colombia. September 10th and 11th. She has been presenting her participatory Blackboard Pieces since 2006.


Ana Tiscornia at Museo Figari, Montevideo, Uruguay

Tiscornia participates in JESUALDO: LA PALABRA MÁGICA, a group exhibition curated by Adriana Gallo which also includes works by Liliana Porter, Luis Camnitzer, Ricardo Lanzarini and other artists.


Julián Terán > Galería Nueveochenta, Bogotá

Julián Terán is opening a solo exhibition at Galería Nueveochenta in Bogotá, Colombia. The show is structured as a series of drawings that displays in space, a zig-zag line that allude to the border between Colombia and Panama, the Northern edge of South America. Terán's laborious drawings depart from digital mappings but are presented outside of any specific reference. From August 24th to September 22nd. The project was curated by Claudia Segura Mattos.

Fernanda Laguna > A Universal History of Infamy, LACMA

Fernanda Laguna is one of 16 Latin American artists participating in this exhibition at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which is presented as part of the Getty’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative, and was organized by Rita Gonzalez, curator of contemporary art at LACMA; José Luis Blondet, curator of special initiatives at LACMA; and Pilar Tompkins Rivas, director of the Vincent Price Art Museum. It seeks to upend any notion of absoluteness regarding what constitutes Latin America and its diaspora, or the art that can be associated with this region.

Laguna is presenting an installation that accounts for her multi-disciplinary artistic practice which includes paintings, drawings, poetry, publishing and social practice. She has also made drawings in the museum's restrooms walls and a mural painting at 18th Street Arts Center, which are part of the exhibition.

Nora Fisch Gallery at Proyectos LA, Los Angeles

The gallery will participate in Proyectos LA, an art fair devoted to contemporary Latin American art, with an atypical format: it will consist in a six-week long exhibition curated by Luiza Texeira de Freitas and Claudia Segura Campins. It is one of twenty Latin American galleries invited to participate. The featured artist will be Fernanda Laguna, who is also exhibiting at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. These projects are presented in teh context of Pacific Standard Time LA/LA.


Osias Yanov awarded residency and exhibition at Gasworks, London

Osías Yanov has been selected for the third edition of the Gasworks/Urra residencies program, which brings one artist from Great Britain to Buenos Aires for half a year and enables one artist from Argentina to live and work in London for the same amount of time. Yanov will be doing an exhibition at Gasworks at the end of his residency, aside from his open studio. This program is funded by collector Erica Roberts and the arteBA Foundation.

Gastón Pérsico and Rosana Schoijett at Otra Situación de Tiempo, MAR Museum, Mar del Plata

This exhibition at MAR, focusing on contemporary photography and media in Argentina, explores the relation between representation and time. Aside of Pérsico and Schoijett, includes works by David Lamelas, Alberto Goldenstein, Cecilia Szalkowicz, Bruno Dubner and others.

Lux Lindner as curator: The Third Cheek, Violence in the XXI Century

Lux Lindner has been invited to act as curator, in the context of a series of exhibitions which have violence as their theme, currently at CCK, Buenos Aires. Lindner´exhibition includes artists Martín Bernstein, Laura Códega, Marula Di Como & Cristian Dios, Eugenio Damián Fernández, Mariano Giraud, Marcelo Grosman, Eva Shin and Alejandra Van der Land, as well as sound excerpts, fanzines and other media.

Fernanda Laguna in A Universal History of Infamy at LACMA

Curated by José Luis Blondet, this exhibition presentes the works of 16 Latin American artists, who in their works question established notions about what constitutes contemporary Latin American Art. Fernanda Laguna will participate with works already in LACMA's collection as well as with an installation which documents her collective and social projects. This exhibition is presented in the context pf Pacific Standard Time LA/LA, the initiative sponsored by the Getty Foundation.

Cynthia Kamplemacher at Galería Calamo, San Nicolás

Cynthia Kampelmacher participates in Plano Secuencia, a two/person show shared with Eladia Acevedo at Galería Cálamo, San Nicolás. The exhibition was curated by Nancy Rojas. From August 4th to September 8th.

Tiziana Pierri at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Lxs Pierri is an exhibition which explores the local history of painting through the art practice of a family with three generations of professional artists. Tiziana Pierri exhibits alongside her father, Duilio Pierri, a local star of the neo-expressionism in the eighties, and her grand-father, classic Argentinean master Orlando Pierri. Until October 1, 2017

Silvia Gurfein at Museo de la memoria, Rosario

In this exhibition Gurfein engages in a dialogue with writer Beatriz Vignoli, exploring liminal spaces where the collective and the individual appear as seamless. Curated by Hernán Camoletto at the Museum of Memory in the city of Rosario.

Gastón Pérsico. La música es mi casa en el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano MALBA

Gastón Pérsico
La música es mi casa
10.03— 02.07.2017
Curator: Mariano Mayer
Galery 1, Level -1

The bulk of the work produced by Gastón Pérsico (Buenos Aires, 1972) consists of assemblage sculptures, publications, and installations; his art constitutes a setting where an array of his personal interests comes together. In keeping with that spirit, the exhibition project La música es mi casa revolves around the themes of coexistence and sound experience as it encompasses a range of disciplines (the visual arts, poetry, music, and graphic design).

Those elements act as indexes that at once interrogate and facilitate recognition of the situations and things that enable sound experience. A space born of a synthesis of languages, this exhibition makes reference to different situations where it is possible to reflect on perceptive experience. The proposal attempts to formulate unlikely relationships that give shape to different layers of meaning and experience. Awareness that in any perception, the body is present; it is there, being affected by another body is key to displacing the viewer from the position of reader of signs to a subjective position to which the body is central.

The central piece, the one for which the project is named, consists of an audio recording in which two actors (a female voice and a male voice) recite the lyrics of a house music set translated into Spanish and reproduced without the music. The work is an exercise in translation between media that crosses references between discotheques and concrete poetry, between the body and its absence and language. The voices make themselves heard throughout an exhibition space that also houses different sculptures made by deconstructing an array of architectural environments and materials used in domestic furniture, discotheques, practice rooms, and concerts.

Due to its very nature, La música es mi casa engages different disciplines, sources, references, and quotes to form a conversation. It operates, then, as an open space in which guest artists are invited to intervene.


May 17th, 12–9 PM
Featuring David Lamelas, Límite de una proyección
Installation of the work Límite de una proyección (1967)

May 31st, 6:30PM and 8:00PM
Featuring Lucio Capece, RX22
Sound installation

June 3rd, 7PM
Featuring Pablo Schanton
Performatic conference

June 7th, 12–9 PM
Featuring Djs Pareja, La música es mi casa (Djs Pareja Remix)
Sound installation

June 14th, 12–9 PM
Featuring Miguel Mitlag

Cynthia Kampelmacher in FLORA ars+natura. Bogotá, Colombia

Cynthia Kampelmacher was selected to participate in the residency FLORA ars+natura in Bogotá, Colombia, led by curator José Roca. She received a grant from the Ministry of Culture which will support her stay in Colombia.